Hotel Room Service Trolley Manufacturer

As a specialised hotel room service trolley manufacturer in USA, we take great pride in the functionality and versatility of our products. Our hotel room service trolleys can be used to easily deliver large orders to the hotel guests right in their rooms. All that the waiting staff has to do is set up the meals on the room service carts, cover them appropriately, and wheel the trolley for room service.

Additionally, depending on the needs of the guests, this trolley can also make for a classy dining table where they can enjoy a meal in the privacy of their rooms. The room service trolley acts as a pleasant visual aid and also motivates guests to order more often from the hotel. These trolleys contain a fire-proof top that is equal parts elegant and functional, adding to the quality of the trolley for room service. While the surface of the room service trolley can be used to display food and other items, the part below it contains enough space to mount a hot case that can keep the food warm. In addition to this, these room service carts can also be used as liqueur trolleys, making them an indispensable addition to gourmet restaurants that follow classical menu preparations.

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